Allie Touch:
Allie is a singer/songwriter from Leeds who's on the cusp of blowing up. She's one of those musicians who effortlessly possesses that star factor and who comes into her own when she plays and sings, particularly in front of a crowd. Off stage she's cool, easy going and reserved. Never saying too much. The show opens with the launch of her new EP any by the end of the piece she's playing on the radio. She has an incredible voice and a mystical presence that captivates and mesmerises Jessie (protagonist) from the moment we meet her. Her songs, although intertwined with the narrative, run almost parallel to the piece and provide an ethereal quality which feeds into Jessie's psychotic experience.
Accent: Leeds

Mum is everything Jessie would want in a mum. Warm, loving, caring and supportive of Jessie. Jessie believes Mum left when she was young and that her dad prevented her from seeing her once they'd split up. Mum gets in contact via a letter and instantly Jessie is desperate to reconnect. This feeling is reciprocated and is what drives Jessie to London. Mum then plays an important and haunting role in Jessie's psychotic experience.
Accent: Leeds

The performer must be a highly skilled guitar player and an exceptional singer. The piece is entirely underscored by live music and the performer will be on stage for the entire piece and playing more or less consistently throughout. The performer is the only solo singer in the piece and needs to be able to carry this with ease. They should also be comfortable learning a score without sheet music, working from recordings and in the room with the composer. This a casting for a BAME performer.

Playing age:

The Production:
Electrolyte is a multi-award-winning piece of gig theatre that powerful explores mental health. It is written by James Meteyard with music and lyrics by Maimuna Memon and is directed by Donnacadh O'Briain. Electrolyte is written in spoken word poetry and underscored by live music created by a cast of six actor musicians. The piece ultimately champions togetherness and the importance of community in combating poor mental health.
Following a multi-award-winning sell-out success at The Edinburgh Fringe last year, Electrolyte will tour to 31 venues over 10 weeks across the UK & Ireland from 02nd May - 05th July. The tour is in aid of the Mental Health Foundation and, as such at the end of each show, Wildcard will be raising money for the foundation during their 70th Anniversary year.

Rehearsal dates: 
w/c 8th April - Londonw/c 15th April - London (Possibly Oxford - travel and accommodation provided)w/c 22nd April - LondonTech w/c 29th April - North Wall, Oxford

Performance dates: 
02nd May - 05th July (contracted until 07th July)

Fee (ITC/Equity Touring Rates):
£483 per week.

Accommodation will be provided and booked by Wildcard. Accommodation will run the whole way through the 10 weeks including on days off.

Travel will provided by Wildcard to and from the venues and accommodation. This will be via one tour bus for the company. (No driving will be expected of the cast.) Final drop off will be in London. Cast members are welcome to travel & stay elsewhere during their days off but, as accommodation will be provided, Wildcard cannot cover any expenses for this.