Weekly Acting Workout With Donnacadh O'Briain

Monday 20th Jan, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, 10th Feb, 17th Feb, 10AM - 5:30PM.
Wildcard Studios, 18 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TG
£20 per session or £85 for all five

Facilitated by Olivier Award Winner & Director of Electrolyte, Donnacadh O'Briain.

Looking at a different script each week, Donnacadh will lead a laboratory style rehearsal day using his particular approach to text and early rehearsals.
Bringing together a range of influences, including Viewpoints, Linklater and Meisner, Donnacadh’s unique actor centric approach to early rehearsals is freeing, surprising and rigorous.

Actors will be asked to do specific preparation on a different play text each week in advance of the workshop.

The shape of each session will be:
10:00 - Yoga
10:30 - Exploratory run of a large section of the play
13:00 - lunch
14:00  - On-it’s-feet exploration of character, relationships, objectives and tactics  - through improvisation.
16:00 2nd Exploratory run of a same section of the play.
17:00 - Closing thoughts on the days work.
17:15 - Finish
paul smith

Story Structure As A Creative Tool with Middle Child's AD Paul Smith

8th February, 10AM - 6PM
Wildcard Studios, 18 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TG
Price: £10

A workshop for writers, directors & theatre-makers.
Story Structure As A Creative Tool
Facilitated by Middle Child's Artistic Director Paul Smith.

This practical workshop is for theatre-makers who are interested in learning about how to use story structure as a creative tool for making their own work. Led by Paul Smith, Artistic Director of the award-winning Middle Child, this workshop will give you a number of tools and techniques to better incorporate structure into your creative process.
Middle Child 
We are a Hull-based company creating gig theatre that brings people together for a good night out with big ideas. We tell untold stories which capture the electrifying moment when the beat drops, mixing original live music with bold new writing. Our events are live and loud, making sense of the modern world. We are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that theatre is affordable and accessible for all. We will set fire to your expectations of what a night at the theatre can be.