Edinburgh Fringe: Meet The Venues

Thursday 20th Feb 2PM - 5PM
Wildcard Studios, 18 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TG
Free - First come first served!

A panel discussion with Pleasance, Underbelly & Assembly 

The Edinburgh Fringe is a wonderful and exciting place but it can be daunting taking a show up there for the first/second/third time! That's why we're launching a series of workshops aimed at demystifying the Fringe for emerging artists.

In this panel discussion we'll break down how to apply to different venues, what makes an application catchy and how to choose a particular space as well as give you an opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have. The whole point is to bridge the gap between artists and venues and help as many people as possible get to The Edinburgh Fringe!


Weekly Acting Workout With Donnacadh O'Briain

Every Monday from 3rd Feb - 23rd March 10AM - 5:30PM.
Wildcard Studios, 18 Balderton St, Mayfair, London W1K 6TG
£20 per session or £85 for five

Facilitated by Olivier Award Winner & Director of Electrolyte, Donnacadh O'Briain.

Looking at a different script each week, Donnacadh will lead a laboratory style rehearsal day using his particular approach to text and early rehearsals.
Bringing together a range of influences, including Viewpoints, Linklater and Meisner, Donnacadh’s unique actor centric approach to early rehearsals is freeing, surprising and rigorous.

Actors will be asked to do specific preparation on a different play text each week in advance of the workshop.

The shape of each session will be:
10:00 - Yoga
10:30 - Exploratory run of a large section of the play
13:00 - lunch
14:00  - On-it’s-feet exploration of character, relationships, objectives and tactics  - through improvisation.
16:00 2nd Exploratory run of a same section of the play.
17:00 - Closing thoughts on the days work.
17:15 - Finish