• Education Workshop Facilitator

    Wildcard is looking for talented workshop facilitators to lead our new Gig Theatre schools workshop

    Wildcard is looking to train and employ a team of talented facilitators to run their Gig Theatre Workshops in Schools.

    This is an adaptable workshop which can take anywhere between fifty minutes and three hours, depending on what is required. It is aimed at young people who have very little or no knowledge of Gig Theatre as a form and is intended to enable participants to understand and experience what Gig Theatre is in a fun, safe and accessible way.

    In the workshop, the facilitator will work with the participants to help them to understand the foundations of Wildcard’s innovative and unique approach to creating Gig Theatre through exercises, games and discussion. Following this, the participants will write a short piece of prose or poetry and play with incorporating music into the piece. By the end of the session, the participants will have created a short piece of Gig Theatre and presented it back to the group. All of our workshops end with a short debrief, which gives an opportunity for anyone to share their experience of the session.

    No prior experience of Gig Theatre is necessary. Applicants should be able to play at least one musical instrument up to Grade 5 and have a willingness to learn and work with new instruments.

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