Shakespeare & Lecoq – Participant


with Ed Woodall

5 week course

1st May – 29th May 2021

Saturdays 14:00-18:00

Location: Wildcard Studios

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Shakespeare & Lecoq

Join Ed on his unique series of practical workshops on Lecoq and Shakespeare and be a key part of the research for his new book on the subject, commissioned by Arden/Bloomsbury. You will explore how certain movement exercises can help to bring to life Shakespeare’s plays, scenes, and speeches. A fun filled, 5 week course with elements of clowning and exercises taken straight from his training under Jaques Lecoq in Paris.

When: 1st May – 29th May (5 week course)

Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Where: Wildcard Studios, 18 Balderton Street, London, W1K 6TG

More information:

Join Ed on his unique series of practical workshops on Lecoq and Shakespeare as part of the research for the book he is writing on the subject, commissioned by Arden/Bloomsbury.

Each workshop will involve a Lecoq-style warm-up and lead into exercises from the world-famous theatre school in Paris.

Then comes the really fun bit! 

As a group, small groups, or as individuals, you are going to explore how certain exercises, be they from the 20 movements, chorus or embodying words, can help to bring to life Shakespeare’s plays, scenes, and speeches.

The book he is writing is to be a handbook. The sessions will all have a real workshop feel to them; he is going to be asking questions of the Lecoq exercises.  Your work will from the building blocks of the book. 

You will get to re-connect with your body and movement, play and explore some of the world’s greatest texts and stories, and get to brush up on your favourite Shakespeare speech with Ed’s help and the power of play! 

The five sessions will follow a kind of process from prep. to production. 

  1. Preparing to Play. Warm-ups to help you tackle big emotions and epic stories. 
  2. What’s the Story? Physical exercises to locate the movement of the narrative. 
  3. The Invention of Character. Lecoq movement and sound exercises to embody character fully. 
  4. Words, words, words! How can the exercises from a “mime school” help you with the words?!?
  5. Taking the Piss. Access your inner-clown to play the Fool!  


There will be some development between the sessions and you will be asked to do some light prep before each workshop.

Your work within the sessions will, of course, be fully acknowledged in the final book, due to be completed March 2022. 


About Ed: 

Ed is an actor, director and teacher.

After having studied with Jaques Lecoq in Paris, Ed helped to run the theatre company, Partis-Pris, acted in Hollywood movies, Shakespeare with the RSC, in TV drama, and helped to devise many shows with the likes of Complicité, Improbable and Kneehigh.

Along the way, Ed won a Timeout Live award for directing Een Hond Begraven, and inspired a generation of drama school students with productions and movement at E15, Rose Bruford and Oxford School of Drama.

Ed now divides his time between teaching Feldenkrais Method, writing and exploring movement.


At Wildcard we believe everyone should have the chance to be creative. We want all our courses to be as open and inclusive as possible to anyone that wants to take part. We are aware that the cost of workshops and regular training is a key barrier in our industry for many people.

With this in mind, we are pleased to be able to offer 2 free places on each course.

If you are interested, please email bursaries@wildcardtheatre.co.uk with the workshop title as the subject and tell us a bit about you and why you feel that this would help you.

Bursary places will be offered out no later than 2 weeks before the course begins.

For further enquiries please email emily@wildcardtheatre.co.uk