Wildcard is proud to announce it's inaugural Artist Development Programme, RAISE

The 2019/20 recipient of RAISE is:

ALINEMENT PRODUCTIONS with their first theatre production:
A Lightweight Disposable Product 



“We are so thrilled to have the support of Wildcard. Their work, ethos and values are completely in line with what we aim to achieve for ourselves as a young, budding creative company. We’re excited to learn from and be creating alongside such a wonderful team of talented, individuals.”Alinement Productions

About the Show

July 3rd, 1976. It’s Nora’s 19th birthday and it’s been three years to the day since she ran away from home. Standing outside the Pier Pavilion, Hastings, having just watched The Sex Pistols play live for the first time, she knows her life is about to change forever.

An explosive, poetic and rebellious spectacle of one young, mixed race woman’s journey from teenage runaway to becoming one of the UK’s first women in punk.

About the Company

ALINEMENT is a new Theatre and Film Production company focused on creating and telling stories that happen to have women, PoC and LGBTQI+ as the main leads and protagonists. We put these stories front and centre with the agenda to have the ‘mainstream’ align themselves with us; aligning the misaligned by celebrating and championing the outsiders.‘Opening doors and creating pathways for the ‘Other’ to tread and become the norm!’

RAISE will provide:

  • Free rehearsal space at our new central London rehearsal venue
  • Production & funding surgeries
  • Artistic support
  • Support with marketing
  • Creating connections with programmers to aid a future life
  • Follow up meetings to insure the production has a future life

RAISE will culminate in a week long run of A Lightweight Disposable Product at a The VAULT Festival in March 2020.